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Coinbase IPO

As some of you may know, I buy crypto on Coinbase (at least some of it.) In case you have not noticed, Coinbase had its initial public offering about two[…]

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The Best Investing Strategy?

Do you prefer stocks like Apple Inc. with a very low dividend yield of less than 1% but a seemingly continuous dividend increase or stocks like Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)[…]

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The new European Aristocrat: Novartis

Congratulations to Novartis that just became dividend aristocrat this month. With a payout of CHF 3 per share they increased their annual dividends every year for the past 25 years.[…]

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Meet me

I am a mathematician by trade, so some would say Iā€™m good with numberes. I love programming and use this skill to analyze financial markets in my spare time. I have lived in a couple of different countries, which helps me understand different markets and polictics better. On this blog I would like to tell you more about my investments and how I plan my finances. I am convinced that money alone does not make anyone happy. But I love programming, writing and reading. That makes me happy. That is why I came up with this idea about the blog, so that I can share my knowledge and experiences with you.

Goals for 2021

These are some of my goals and my progress so far.
The first goal is to get CHF 500 in dividends. Second, since the number of books does not reflect the amount read, I thought I set a page count as a goal. The goal here is to read 7ā€™000 pages. I do not count book pages I read for work towards this goal. Then lastly, I want to get to CHF 150k net worth.

CHF 1119 in Dividends

7ā€™550 pages read

CHF 127k Net Worth

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