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Just about Financial Independence and Retire Early

Coinbase IPO

As some of you may know, I buy crypto on Coinbase (at least some of it.) In case you have not noticed, Coinbase had its initial public offering about two weeks ago. So instead of investing directly into crypto, you can now invest in a company that has most of its assets in crypto. Let’s…
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The Best Investing Strategy?

Do you prefer stocks like Apple Inc. with a very low dividend yield of less than 1% but a seemingly continuous dividend increase or stocks like Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) with a high dividend yield. The latter had to drastically reduce their dividends (to US$ 0.01) probably because they had not planned for a crisis…
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The new European Aristocrat: Novartis

Congratulations to Novartis that just became dividend aristocrat this month. With a payout of CHF 3 per share they increased their annual dividends every year for the past 25 years. That is increasing dividends since its foundation. The company with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, was founded in the 90’s from a merger of Ciba-Geigy and…
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The new kid on the blog/market

Background Today I would like to present two new stock market indices, i.e. a measurement of a set/group of stock prices, that have been up since about a year. These are the DivdendenAdel Germany Index and the DividendenAdel Switzerland Index. They monitor the stock market of some equities that satisfy some preconceived rules, which we…
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